Singing/Vocal Coaching

Styles taught; Pop, rock, blues, folk, country, jazz, musicals (not opera or classical)

With singing, you will learn how to breathe correctly, where to breathe within the songs, exercises for accurate pitch placement, and varied vocal warm ups. You will learn how to treat and use your voice safely which is most important so as not to damage the voice. I am a certified THROGA® vocal coach, a method from the US which is based on singing safely and correctly and using exercises to address and correct weaknesses in the voice.

For the ambitious singers, I can place you into pro talent quests if you desire, or for the career-minded how to break into the music industry with career options.
For school kids, Eisteddfods are an option and working with kids for school performances and exams. There will also be an opportunity to perform up to twice annually at the student concert if desired.

NSW PARENTS NOTE: I am an accredited Creative Kids Provider, so you can use your Govt $100 voucher with me! Ask me how to redeem it.

There are 3 lesson options to suit your time and budget, whether conducted online or in person
$90 - full hour
$70 - 45 mins
$50 - 30 mins
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